What is XYG Studio?

XYG Studio is a free game development IDE that aims to create a development experience similar to Game Maker, but offer more control to the developer and include less superfluous code and data. It is a runtime-based platform, meaning games developed with it can be run on any system the RE has been ported to with minimal changes to the code.

The language it uses is Squirrel, a scripting language that is gaining ground in the industry, and has even been used in AAA games, including Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, and Grand Theft Auto 5, just to name a few.

XYG is intended to help hobbyist developers who just want to make a game for fun and share it with others, regardless of what operating system they use, and don't want to make an investment (sometimes one bigger than they can afford) for features that could already be implimented using things like SDL and SFML for free anyway. Because of this, XYG will come without any licensing fees or restrictions; all functionality is unlocked.

Please help me get there by either donating or spreading the word. Help me help you experience your game!

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